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Dr. Celayes

Your Doctor.  Your Board Certified Specialist.  
Internal Medicine/ Obesity Medicine

Dr. Celayes joined Dr. O’Leary in mid 2016 as an integral addition to the physician’s team. He has been graciously welcomed into the practice by our longtime patients and they are pleased with the exceptional continuity of care that they are receiving. Not only is he Board Certified in Internal Medicine, but he is adding further value to the team with his expertise in Obesity Medicine. 

DR.  C.  KNOWS...

Dr. Gaston Moran Celayes is originally from Argentina and where he started his medical training. He did his Internal Medicine Internship at Michael Reese Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois. His Residency in Internal Medicine was completed at Northside Medical Center in Youngstown, Ohio and he has additional training in Intensive Care Medicine. He is also multilingual and fluent in English, Spanish and conversational French.

With over 20 years of medical experience, the focus on his patient’s overall health outcome is extremely important to him. 

The practice of preventive medicine and diagnosing chronic illnesses such as Diabetes and Hypertensive Heart Disease. As your physician and specialist, Dr. Celayes is able to take a broad view of your medical history to develop a wellness plan of care to keep you healthy and living an active lifestyle. 

Obesity is an overwhelming and increasing concern in the United States and it leads to multiple comorbidites including, but not limited to, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoarthritis and even stroke. Dr. Celayes is able to utilize his training to educate, council and encourage his patients to change lifestyle habits to improve their current health status. 

Through diagnostic screenings appropriate for the patient like specific blood tests, imaging and counseling, Dr. Celayes can ensure that an illness can either be totally prevented, or, be able to catch an illness at it’s earliest stage to prevent progression by starting immediate treatment.


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